Filming on a Budget

Filming on a Budget | Assignment Desk – Blog | Here at Assignment Desk, we totally understand filming on a budget. People think making videos will cost extreme amounts of money, which some do, but it is possible to film on a budget. The key to a budget is making sure you think of every expense and include those in the budget. Also, be realistic! We know you want that new handbag, but stay on the budget! 

Creating a budget can be a very eye-opening experience. When we first made ours, we were surprised to see how much we spent in each category. We needed to be able to pay the crew, buy the equipment, rent a space and more. As we calculated how much money we should budget in each category, we went back to past video shoot costs, so we could be realistic. 

Here are a couple of tips for filming on a budget!

Borrow Equipment:

Do you need to buy a bunch of equipment for one video? Think again! Borrow it. If buying an expensive camera is not in the budget, just borrow one from an online website. BorrowLenses is a very well-known company for renting different equipment for your shoots. You can rent cameras, lenses, audio, lighting and support equipment. This is a great option for filming on a budget!

Filming on a Budget

Rent a Space: 

Call a friend, use outdoor space, or bribe a business. Just kidding, we will not advise you to do the last one with a good conscience! Honestly though, calling a friend or using outdoor space is a smart idea when you are trying to film on a small amount of money. This will save you a lot of money because renting a space can add thousands of dollars to your budget, depending on the space, of course. 

Nobody is Working for Free…

Paying a crew can be a very costly part of your budget, so it is key to make sure people can do multiple tasks. Can the cameraman also set up the lighting beforehand? Definitely ask these questions when you are hiring them, so you will not have to hire lots of people. Also, maybe one of your friends will help you out with setting up things. Buy them a beer for their help!

Filming on a Budget

Filming on a budget can be a bit annoying, but it is entirely possible! Assignment Desk is here to help if you need a production crew. Give us a call any time!

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