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Filming for the Super Bowl | Assignment Desk – Blog | Our seasoned vendors have worked to capture the exhilarating moments from the game in the past. They are excited to do it all again this year!

A lot goes into filming coverage for the Super  Bowl, and that involves filming off the field. However, coverage of the game doesn’t just start at kickoff. Or even the day of the game. With all of the events leading up to the game, such as promo shots, interviews with the players and their sponsors, and even commercials that are set to air during the game. 

BTS of a Superbowl Filming | Assignment Desk - Blog

Super Bowl Events 

To get fans hyped up for the game, there’s lots of events that kick off days before the actual kickoff! Pre-game concerts from performers like Diplo and The Chainsmokers are set to go off before the concert. As well as pre-game interviews with players and coaches for both teams. 

Capturing Concerts

To capture the thrilling concerts in Miami, we suggest using a Sony F5 camera and a Sony A7sii camera. Use these cameras on a Ronan S in order to get smooth b-roll of the musicians performing and the guests attending the concert. Having one DP float through the crowd capturing shots with the Ronin and having another use the F5 in more of a stable place to get shots of the stage and simple crowd shots is very helpful to ensure you capture everything necessary. 

BTS of a Superbowl Filming | Assignment Desk - Blog

Interviews with Players 

Here’s another crucial part of Super Bowl filming that doesn’t include capturing the game: pre-game interviews. We recommend using a Sony F5, a Sony FS7 and a Canon C200 camera to capture them. Capturing these interviews on a slider will make it easier to capture a steady image. Since the interviews are shot in a packed room, having one light panel tucked into the corner to key the athletes is ideal. 

With the Super Bowl quickly approaching, video camera crews across America are preparing for the exciting events that are to come. So much goes into capturing coverage of the Super Bowl aside from filming the actual game. From the pre-game shows and interviews to the post-game interviews, make sure you’re prepared for everything that’s thrown your way! 

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