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People love to be “in the know” on local, national, and global news.  They also enjoy hearing the latest information about their favorite celebrities and entertainment news.  So these two forms of reporting can’t be very different to shoot, right? Well, they are actually pretty different and require different filming practices.  Here are some of the contrasts between shooting for news versus shooting for entertainment.  

Entertainment Shoot:

First, the purposes are different.  Entertainment is, obviously, to entertain.  News has the intent to inform the audience. When shooting for different purposes,  a variety of shots are needed. Entertainment reporting usually includes panning shots and coverage of images that have already been collected.  Newsrooms typically cover footage of one reporter of a few reporters speaking about the topic. Both scenes have similar methods, but entertainment reporting usually requires either more movement from the camera or a larger crew.  

Also, entertainment reporting typically revolves around major events, whereas news reporting is happening immediately and spontaneously.  There are some events that news reports can plan their day around, but most news happens the day of.  And for the previous reason, entertainment reporting tends to be more polished before it is aired. 

News Shoot:

News reporting is immediate and has to be informative and reported quickly. As far as camera crews are concerned, clients in the news arena need crews right away and typically have their own hired crew for the station.  Entertainment reporting, however, typically goes on air after the event occurs.

Lastly, due to the popularity of celebrities and entertainment professionals, fans and photographers are not far from a shoot.  Camera crews need to navigate through crowds of people, especially if the shoot is open to fans and photographers. You might also need to strategically plan equipment set up to eliminate coverage of people outside of the main subject. 

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