Editing Skip Clark’s High-Definition DP Reel

When GoTo Team’s Skip Clark asked that I revise his high-definition demo reel my first thought was “looks”. Whether it’s the saturated colors of the logo plastered stock cars or the sepia toned rustic pool hall interview, Skip always accentuates his subjects with a look. That said I wanted his reel to reflect this strength in his shooting and lighting.

The second thought I had was “moves”. As I scrolled through Skip’s footage I couldn’t help but notice range of shots he captures. From wide establishing shots to tracking dollies and close ups, Skip’s camera moves give his subjects focus and energy. An interview that could be shot with one camera on a tripod is transformed into a dynamic high-definition multi-camera shoot using 7-head ARRI lighting kits, a Microdolly and HD lenses. His shooting and lighting lends insight into his subject’s thoughts through close-ups and gives the viewer an on-set feel through dolly shots that capture the entire set. Skip is deliberate in every move he makes and in doing so he tells his story in a personal and engaging manner that makes the camera his voice.

Editing Skip’s reel was truly a pleasure given his range of high-definition footage and his remarkable lighting ability. As an editor, having so many strong shots to choose from is a blessing in disguise. Enough chat… watch the reel and feel free to comment. To learn more about Skip, check out his resume page on the GoTo Team’s website.