Doing Makeup on Various Skin Tones | Assignment Desk – Do we already have to start saying 2019 was last year when it was just two weeks ago? We guess so! Last year on December 6th, one of our favorite makeup artists in the Washington D.C. area did makeup for five to seven different real estate professionals. The smaller real estate company located in Rockville, Maryland needed a few touch-ups for going on camera. We can relate to that for sure!

Doing Makeup on Various Skin Tones

Personable and talented? Assignment Desk can find them!

Assignment Desk loves preferred vendor, Crisger Santley, for makeup. This mainly is because she is super personable, but also because Crisger is always ready to take on a challenge! Have you ever thought of how difficult it is for makeup artists to perform their job with various skin tones? I bet not! Thankfully, Ms. Santley knows what she is doing! 

Doing Makeup on Various Skin Tones

Doing our own makeup is too hard for us… On just one skin tone!

Since Ms. Santley and most other professional makeup artists are traveling to their jobs, they can only bring so much makeup with them. Also, it is not affordable to buy all various skin palette colors for every face product. So, there is a trick to doing work on diverse skin tones. 

Doing Makeup on Various Skin Tones

Looking for that perfect foundation… Stop now

Have you ever went to a store on the hunt for the perfect foundation? Yes, it is so easy! Said no one ever. Trying to find the perfect foundation is complicated and exhausting. If you are a professional makeup artist, you should stop looking for the perfect shade. The key to working with various skin tones: blending foundation.

Doing Makeup on Various Skin Tones

Blend away

After doing our research, there are a couple of palettes that blend together easily and beautifully, rather than others. Also, carrying multiple foundation palettes are key if dealing with dry or oily skin. Here are the two palettes we recommend: 

Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Palette: 

  • Amazing coverage 
  • Lots of shade options
  • Warm, neutral, cold tones

Ben Nye HD Matte Palette: 

  • Better for oily skin
  • Natural shade colors
  • Warm tones

Assignment desk is impressed that Ms. Santley could do different makeup on the various real estate professionals using limited products! Do you need a makeup artist or a production crew? Give us a call

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