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Documentary Video Camera Crew | Marsha Hunt – Interview | Citizen’s Kane, Taxi Driver, and Psycho. What do all these noteworthy films have in common? All were graced with the magical, musical touch of Bernard Herrmann, one of the film industry’s most notable and reputable composers. 

Assignment Desk’s Los Angeles DP, Braden Barty, sat down with a 102-year old retired Hollywood starlet and activist, Marsha Hunt, for an exclusive interview about the Academy Award Winning composer, discussing his overall impact on films and television series compositions.  

The crew traveled to Hunt’s Sherman Oaks, California home, setting up their equipment in the living room of her residence. They angled a Sony Fs7 towards Hunt, while she was interviewed by the reporter. The Sony Fs7 is an ideal camera for documentary-styled shots. Why? It’s an improved model that captures intimate expressions of the subject with quality execution. 

For lighting, an LED three-point lighting kit was set up on Marsha to illuminate her for the camera. A lavalier mic was attached to her clothing to pick up her interview questions, and an overhead boom mic was placed above in case any issues occurred with the lavalier. 

Thank you to the client for selecting Assignment Desk crews to help capture this story! We look forward to working with you on your next project! 

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