DMG Productions | Assignment Desk

DMG Productions partnered with Assignment Desk and cameraman Will Bezubic, to capture interviews for GrassGuard.  

GrassGuard, a product of Industrial Fabrics, Inc. is a grass reinforcement mesh. The mesh is great on surfaces in need of grass revitalization.  How cool does that sound? We no longer have to have muddy back yards!

DMG Productions | Assignment Desk

For this piece, the crew filmed six interviews and b-roll shots of the product being used.  Bezubic utilized a Mark I C300 to obtain tight and wide shots for these interviews.  Audio equipment included an Azden 4-CH mixer, Sony ECM-55 lavalier mic, and MKH416 with boom, all used by Scott Larmann.  

The talent was lit by overhead lights as well as show cards. Arri strands and 4 shot bags were also used.     

DMG Productions | Assignment Desk

Thank you to DMG Productions for choosing to work with the Assignment Desk to demonstrate this great product! We hope to work with you again in the future.

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