Denver DP Follows Murder Case for “20/20”

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For the past couple of weeks, our Denver DP, Ryan Dumville, has been filming an episode for “ABC 20/20” covering the story of Paige Birgfeld, a mother of three from Grand Junction, CO,  who was living a double-life up until she was kidnapped and murdered in 2007.

Birgfeld, commonly referenced as a “soccer mom”, also ran an escort business on the side. Authorities first pointed fingers at her two ex-husbands, but once they found out about her side business, a wide range of suspects came to light. Now they believe a former client, Lester Ralph Jones, is responsible and are accusing him of first-degree murder, kidnapping and arson.


Dumville has been shooting trial coverage, time-lapses, b-roll and one-on-one interviews for ABC’s 20/20 with ABC News Correspondent Ryan Smith. With closing arguments coming to an end, the jury had the holiday weekend off to reconvene on Tuesday for a week of deliberations.

The special edition season premiere, titled “Soccer Mom by Day…”, airs Friday, September 9th at 9 p.m. ET on ABC!


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