DC Crew Bakes A Difference At Dog Tag Bakery

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Sergeant John Lira


On November 3rd our DC crew gave in to their sweet-tooth cravings at Dog Tag Bakery. Although the desserts are delicious, they are not the reason why the bakery is so extraordinary.


Father Curry, the creator of the bakery, has dedicated his entire life to help get disabled individuals back on their feet. In the more recent years he found that the hardest transition back to civilian life was with disabled veterans. His goal was to educate the veterans and help prepare them for the job market. And so began Dog Tag Bakery.



Dog Tag Bakery, located in Georgetown, is a five-moth long fellowship program for disabled veterans. The program teamed up with Georgetown University and teaches the veterans the skills, relationships, and information necessary to transition back into the business world.


Rebecca Clerget is the head baker at Dog Tag and works closely with recent graduates of the program: Sergeant John Lira and Major Sedric Banks.


Lira spent two tours in Iraq and while deployed he suffered a traumatic brain injury and hearing loss, and upon his return he developed PTSD.  Dog Tag was the first program that he participated in that provided both an education and preparation for the real world. While enrolled in the program he came up with the idea for a Dog Tag food truck and he plans to continue helping with veteran’s affairs.

Major Sedric Banks

Banks, during his 8th combat tour in Iraq, almost lost his life during a mortar attack. Dog Tag gave him the confidence and support that he needed in order to recover from his physical as well as psychological injuries. Thanks to Dog Tag, he has created his own motivational speaking business to inspire other veterans experiencing the same trauma that he did.


The Dog Tag veterans look to their mentors, counselors, and to each other to gain the strength needed to overcome their pasts and to continue serving their community.