Dallas Crew Captures Guinness World Record Holder

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This was apprentice, Cooper Patterson’s first Go To Team shoot where he was the DP and it was for the Guinness World Record. A fitness instructor just outside of Austin, TX held the record for oldest fitness instructor. Cooper and his mentor Nate Galluppi were to shoot an interview, some hero shots of our record holder Tim, then film him during one of his classes and a fitness instruction video (Tai Bo VHS workout tape). 


For the interview, they set up in the cycling room where Cooper used a 85mm lens and had a 300 daylight nanlight as his key, with two 60 daylight nan lights as the back and fill. He threw a 60 bicolors nan lights with frenel lens and barn doors to add some interesting slashes to the interview look. Nate was Cooper’s audio guy so he helped mic up Tim and flew a boom for the interview. 
After they finished the interview, they went straight to the fitness class. Switching back to the 28-135mm lens, Cooper follow Tim and his students warming up and catching up with each other. As the class begins, Cooper find myself trying to cover as many wide, medium and tight shots in one spot before switching to a different angle. The room had three walls of mirrors so he was trying my best to keep myself out of the shot. 


For our Tai Bo look, Cooper put a 16-35mm on the camera and had two astros on the side to fill in the light for our two students and Tim. Tim walked through a couple workout routines and then we switched to his hero shots. Cooper was switching from slow and quick and real motion to give variety. 


Overall, it was a fun experience, Tim was a pro and was just a fun guy to hang out with. “Hopefully I’ll be as fit and healthy as him when I’m 80.” – Cooper