Dallas Crew Captures 2024 The Invited Celebrity Classic

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We recently got to spend two days at the Las Colinas Country Club for The Invited Celebrity Classic, capturing interviews for the Learning Center on the Golf Channel. We had 3 cameras set up; Sony Fx3 on a wide of our scene, Sony Fx9 focused on our incoming guest and the Sony F5 on the host. We were in a small little room with big glass windows, so we used the Nanlite720 bi color and two nanlight 300 daylights to light up the subjects and to compete with the sun. 
We had a curveball during this shoot, in our shot with the host and guest. You see three large windows that show out the golf course. But, one of the windows was tinted. So we had to quickly put some 2-stop ND gel on the window with some soapy water and squeegee it with my public library card to stick on the window. 
We spoke with retired hall of fame athletes from various sports but my personal favorite guest was Larry the Cable Guy! He’s been in classic films such as Cars, The Tooth Fairy 2, and Larry The Health Inspector
Such a fun shoot to be a part of, I would say the best perks of this was that I got to drive a golf cart for those two days for gear transportation. I have a theory that it’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you’re driving a golf cart…unless you’re in the rough!