Dallas Camera Crew - Mission Unstoppable CBS

Dallas Camera Crew – Mission Unstoppable CBS | “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible!” Dallas Camera Crew - Mission Unstoppable CBS

From zoologists to engineers to astronauts, Mission Impossible highlights the badass female STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) superstars in the fields of social media, entertainment, animals, design and the internet. 

Assignment Desk’s preferred vendor and Dallas DP, Nate Galluppi, headed to Frisco, TX to shoot an episode for the Litton Entertainment Show that airs on CBS.

This particular episode of Mission Impossible featured a Biomechanical Engineer at the Movement Lab at the Scottish Rite Hospital. The lab is an integral part of the patients at the Scottish Rite Hospital. The team uses cutting edge technology to evaluate and identify movement to help our doctors make decisions about the best treatment options for the children. 

Dallas Camera Crew - Mission Unstoppable CBS

Nate used a Sony F5 and Sony Fs7 to capture the interview. Throughout the segment, the subject discussed her focus on joint injuries and concussion that children sustain. She also went into detail regarding research around the injuries through motion capture, and how their recovery process is going.   To light the shoot, the crew also utilized the 2x Astra 6X and 2x Light Panels, both spot, and flood.

Three-pointing lighting is a very effective way to film an interview. This is due to the ability to light the subject from three different sources and angles. The three-point lighting setup allows the crew to manipulate shadows, create contrast and boost the overall quality of the footage that is captured. 

Thank you to Litton Entertainment for letting us film this episode! We look forward to filming your episodes in the future!

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