New York Video Camera Crew | Fire and Ice Tour

We teamed up with Go To Team and New York video camera crew, Reid Petro, for an adventurous shoot with Daily Planet in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Picture motorcycles, dirt bikes, and quads racing around on a hockey rink. Add to that picture a stuntman on fire and also jumping through a ring of fire. Crazy right?! Well, that’s exactly what the Fire and Ice Tour does almost every week. Discovery Channel Canada’s show “Daily Planet” was all over it. We filmed the event and followed their lead stuntman and CEO, Ken Remer, around for the day. It was thrilling – and not just because we could accidentally catch on fire at any moment.

Video Camera Crew Hits the Ice to Film Fire

Our video camera crew arrived at the arena to capture the setup process and pre-production craziness that it takes to put on a massive show like this one. We followed the pyrotechnical team through their tests and preparations. We even got to see the flame bars before everyone else. Then came the stuntman’s tests. It required the presence of a fire marshall. Remer lit himself on fire for over 30 seconds! After he cooled off, we sat him down for an interview to chat about his adventurous life and this amazing tour.

World Championship Ice Racing Series

The Fire and Ice Tour is conducted by the World Championship Ice Racing Series. They bring racing to a place it’s never been before – indoors and on the ice. They have the toughest, fastest and most extreme flat track motorcycles and ATV racers in the world. Not to mention their tough, fast and extreme stuntmen! You know they’re extreme because they’re willing to light themselves on fire. It truly creates the greatest spectacle on ice.

Discovery Channel Canada’s “Daily Planet

Once all of the tests were performed, the interview was shot, and the doors to the arena were open, it was show time. GoPros were used so we could “ride along” with the stuntmen for an immersive experience. The show and stunts went smoothly. (Fire marshall had an easy day, thankfully.) The crowds went crazy the whole time. It was a day full of excitement and adrenaline. It was one of those days where it’s hard to believe you’re at work. Thank you for an unforgettable shoot Discovery Canada!

Check it out HERE!

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