Daily Mail | Peter Leininger

Daily Mail got together with MTV’s television show, The Real World: Atlanta and chose to work with Go To Team’s Nashville cameraman, Peter Leininger, to document a behind-the-scenes tour of the house that the Atlanta cast was living in, as well as group interviews with them.

MTV Real World | Peter Leininger

The Real World consists of a group of strangers who live together in a certain area and focuses on their interactions and lifestyles. In this case, those living in Atlanta were interviewed.

Leininger used a Sony F5 camera and a Sony A7S camera to get a glimpse into what the television show was about and how the cast communicated with each other in a real life setting. Additionally, Tungsten LitePanels were used to light up the room during the filming.

MTV Real World | Peter Leininger
We would like to thank both Daily Mail and the cast of MTV’s The Real World: Atlanta for this shoot and hope to work with them again in the future!

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