What We Do:

We bring you new business and opportunities. By filling in the gaps between your current bookings and handling all the behind-the-scenes paperwork, we help you become more productive and profitable. 

We look out for you and your financial security. We’re protective of our independent contractors, and clients who haven’t established credit with us can book through us only on a C.O.D. basis.

We ask you for feedback. It’s important that our clients treat you with respect, so we ask that you share your experience with our team after each shoot. 

What We Don’t Do: 

Withhold state or federal income taxes or social security. We also don’t provide insurance or any other benefits associated with employment. That’s all you!

Hire crews or production professionals. While we are determined to connect you with our clients, we are a broker, not an employer. We work with independent contractors who have their own client base, places of business, and are free to define their own working parameters.

Serve as Exclusive Representatives. We love you, but this is not an exclusive relationship. We want you to get out there and book business with other booking services! The only exclusivity that we require is that whenever we introduce you to our client, you accept subsequent bookings from that client through Assignment Desk. 

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