Cresa | Roger Woodruff

Cresa Interviews | Real estate with real people? Sold!

Assignment Desk and Go To Team’s Texas cameraman, Roger Woodruff, and Apprentice, Reinaldo Gentile-Rondon, recently shot in San Antonio with Cresa.

Cresa is an international real estate company. The group specializes in services for tenants and families looking to find a home for themselves. They also help with strategic planning and management services to make sure their clients are fully satisfied and cared for.

Cresa | Roger Woodruff

For this piece, real estate brokers and advisors from around the globe met for a company-wide meeting. The team got to meet up with a wide range of employees. They were from all over including Sydney, Amsterdam, and Atlanta for interviews.

Cresa | Roger Woodruff

Natural light came in through a window to light the background, which was complemented with Astra light panels. The natural light helps give the house a more comforting aesthetic alongside the light panels that amplify the visibility within the space.

All footage was captured using the C300 Mark II due to its compact size and easy maneuverability. The home had fairly limited space, but Go To Team crews are trained for these exact situations! They were able to capture their subjects from just the right angle and put together just the shot the client wanted.

The shoot went great and we hope to have the opportunity to work with Cresa on projects in the future!

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