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Last Minute Projects | Assignment Desk Blog | You’re on set, and you need to create a type of effect or maybe the client made a last minute request for equipment that isn’t in your kit. Here are a few creative and quick last minute DIY hacks for your next shoot.  

Dolly Hack

Need to shoot a movable piece and you don’t have a dolly on set? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! With a few excess, used materials, you can make your own dolly.

Get three planks of wood and drill a screw into the middle, holding the three wooden boards together. Use office chair wheels and screw them into the bottoms of the planks. Drill holes on the edges of planks, making little pockets for the ends of the tripod. Then, position your tripod on top of the planks. Well-ah! A new dolly.

Additionally, you can use a wheeled office chair or a flat-bodied scooter to capture your movable shot. The tripod should stay stationary on top of the scooter.

Last Minute Creative DIY Projects | Assignment Desk Blog

Soft Focus

A soft focus can introduces spherical aberration to give an appearance of a blurred effect. There are several techniques you can employ to capture the soft focus effect. 

By wrapping plastic wrap around the lens, you can shoot the subject, and the image will have a blurry effect. You can also use a translucent silk cloth or some gauze. For the gauze, do not cover the lens completely; only wrap the gauze around the edges of the camera lens.  

If you are taking an image with a soft focus, it will probably look like the following:

Last Minute Creative DIY Projects | Assignment Desk Blog

Underwater Shot

Don’t have a waterproof camera? No problem! You can shoot underwater shots using a fish tank to protect your camera as you release it into the water. 

First, you want to clean the fish tank, so you can capture a clear shot. Also, it is a good idea to install latches onto the fish tank, so you can clutch the fish tank as you lower it into the water. Of course there is no top for the fish tank and is just an open orifice, and this means you cannot dunk the fish tank completely underwater; you can only go as deep as the walls will let you go.   

Last Minute Creative DIY Projects | Assignment Desk Blog

We hope these DIY hacks for your upcoming last minute projects were helpful!

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