To celebrate landing on CMT’s “Hot 20 Countdown,” rising country music star Dylan Scott decided to follow in Neil Armstrong’s footsteps and “land on the moon.” Our video camera crew tagged along as Scott and CMT correspondent Katie Cook headed to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.


Scott’s sense of adventure led him, CMT and our video camera crew to NASA for the day. They are celebrating the 48th anniversary of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. It made for an extra exciting atmosphere. Scott and Cook got a tour from Astronaut Shane Kimbrough who recently returned from the International Space Station. He showed them the mission control center and a replica of the International Space Station, where Cook stated, “life in space is anything but spacious.”

Country/Space Exploration

Scott was put to the test by going through an astronaut oriented workout. They have to be in great shape to withstand the conditions they are in. Later they got to ride around in a space exploration vehicle, and Scott said driving it was “like driving a really big tractor.” After “plowing the fields of Mars” they finished up their tour and hung up their cowboy hats of being an astronaut for the day.

“Hooked” on Dylan Scott

Dylan Scott has always had a love of country music and country living in his heart. He considers himself an old soul with a young spirit. As soon as he was able to, he headed to Nashville to get his name and his voice out there and ended up getting signed by Curb Records. His self-titled debut album is a smash success with his #1 song being “My Girl” and his #2 song being “Hooked.” Safe to say we are hooked, too.

Country Music Television

We always love getting a call from CMT, the first channel in history devoted to country music. It usually means heading south and sitting down with a cool country music star with a great accent and impeccable manners. And this time it took us to NASA with their hit show “Hot 20 Countdown!” Thanks CMT. Where will you take us next?

Become an astronaut for the day, too, by watching the full video HERE!

Gear: 2 Sony FS7s, 2 GoPros

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