Cleveland Crew Captures Podcast Episode for Baseball Legend

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We worked with Mookie Betts shooting On Base with Mookie Betts the morning after an MLB game in Cincinnati. Mookie was interviewing his teammate Tyler Glasnow. The show is live and is watched through the Bleacher Report App. Mookie’s crew was great to work with and made the process very enjoyable.

We shot the live podcast with 3xFX9 cameras. We used a china ball with a Nanlite 300 to key both of our subjects as they were sitting on the couch. We used two Astra Panels as our subject fill lights and paired that with our Nanlite 60B’s as our hair light. We put Nanlite PavoTubes on the ground in the background pointed up towards the curtain to assist with making the image more appealing. This was a very fun shoot and we look forward to doing it again!