Chicago Video Crew Joins Charleston DP in Kentucky for Fox Sports

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On a cold day in February I was assigned to head down to Lexington, Kentucky to shoot a feature with Charleston’s cameraman, Dave Baker, for Fox Sports. We would be interviewing one of the Kentucky basketball’s star players along with his dad then shoot some B-Roll of the two playing some 1-on-1.

2015-02-20 12.40.20

I jumped in my Suburban and headed 6 hours south, looking forward to some warmer temperatures, however, it turned out Kentucky was experiencing some extreme weather that weekend. Early Friday morning Dave and I endured below freezing temperatures as we unloaded into the Wildcats facility.

We setup for a two camera interview by first blocking out the wall of windows within the space we had been assigned. Dave and I used two Kino Celebs as the keys and backlit them with Arri 150’s.

For background we used glass windows from Home Depot to create color and depth by backlighting them with 400 HMI’s then balanced the cameras for Tungsten 3200K and the daylight balanced HMI’s gave the windows a bright blue hue.

2015-02-20 12.45.45-1

Once everything was set, we rolled on a couple of twenty-minute interviews before breaking off to shoot the two of them on the practice court. Lastly, we shot some nice slow-mo B-Roll of the facility and Kentucky’s National Championship trophies.

Next stop for me was Memphis, Tennessee while Dave Baker stayed behind to shoot game footage the following night. It was great to get the opportunity to shoot for Fox Sports again and it’s always a good time teaming up with a fellow Go To Team DP!