Chicago Video Crew and Hidden Heroes “Ain’t Lion” About Saving the Environment

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 Chicago video crew interviews a Hidden Hero with all the right “koalafications”.
Hidden Heroes at the Zoo for the Environment

Hidden Heroes Heads to the Zoo

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at Brookfield Zoo?

CBS‘s “Hidden Heroes” worked with the Chicago Zoological Society’s King Conservation Scholars Program to highlight Luis Mendez. Luis is a mentor for the program who has worked hard to make the program successful for so many kids. Our Chicago video crew gets to know the man behind the animals.

Hidden Heroes at the Zoo for the Environment

A Win-Win for the Kids and the Planet

Luis worked with two students in the program with learning disabilities and helped them overcome their disabilities and work to save the planet!

No monkey business! Our Chicago crew was actually able to shoot some amazing footage of a lion roaring, which some park employees had never even seen!

Hidden Heroes at the Zoo for the Environment

The program works by educating students about animals and conservation, networking with others, and making a difference in communities while preparing for college and the future.

Another great shoot and great story for our friends at CBS’s “Hidden Heroes”

Watch the full episode here!