Chicago Crew goes big in Texas for Xtreme Water Parks

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I recently got a really fun assignment to work for our friends at High Noon at one of America’s best water parks! The only catch was, the water park was in Galveston, Texas an hour south of Houston. So I boarded a plane with my Canon C300 in hand and several cases of gear in tow and headed to Houston for the weekend. We were shooting at Schlitterbahn Water Park which just introduced a brand new water slide. My job was to make this ride look as extreme on camera as it did in person. We rigged the ride with GoPros, shot lots of slow-mo on the Sony FS700, and got some great angles with the 300. We interviewed the park’s Director and shot b-roll from just about every inch of the park.


Once we had shot a good deal of b-roll all, we invited the cast to come check out the park and try out the ride for themselves. We followed them around the park for an entire day as they rode water slides and showed off their surfing skills at Schlitterbahn’s unique “Boogie Bahn” ride. A wave ride created to simulate ocean waves in order to allow riders to “surf” on boogie boards just as they would in the ocean! We all had a blast hanging out in the sun and riding some great water slides.


After an action-packed weekend I offloaded my footage, packed up and headed home to Chicago now with a nice tan!