Chicago Camera Crew Taking Steps with Nextep Systems

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Our Chicago camera crew tries out Nextep System’s revolutionary ordering technology used in Wow Bao’s Hot Asian Buns ordering kiosks.

Nextep Systems

Chicago Cameraman Wowed by Wow Bao and Nextep Systems

Ever been waiting in line at a fast food restaurant and thought, “Why is this line moving so slow?” Nextep Systems is trying to change that, one ordering kiosk at a time. Our Chicago camera crew, Matt Rossetti, gets in line.

Wow Bao Hot Asian Buns is ahead of the curve on ordering technology thanks to Nextep Systems. They are using touch-screen ordering kiosks that have facial recognition software to remember who you are and what you usually order. It’s an on-the-go person’s dream! We shot B-roll of the kiosks at work and an interview of one of the Wow Bao sales partners.

Next step? All fast food restaurants should implement Nextep Systems awesome technology.