Charlotte Crew Shoots Rachel Ray in DC.

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I traveled to DC a couple of weeks ago to shoot vignettes for The Rachel Ray Show. This particular shoot was titled “Save my Single Son.” It’s open for interpretation.

After a quick jog across the street for a cup of Starbucks, I was ready to tackle the day.

The house we were shooting in left us with minimal angles to work with. Lots of blank walls and mundane looking furniture to work and light around. So instead of blacking out every window (there were tons) I decided to do the less is more approach and use the natural light coming in. I found my trusty Zacuto scene file and loaded it into my HDX-900 and began to light the interview accordingly.

After the interviews we had lunch delivered from a great Indian joint down the road, Yes: sometimes Lunch is the highlight of the day. It was amazing! We wrapped the shoot with some cool Broll of our talent and his family members,  a couple of which were robots. It was a great shoot and the producer was stoked with what we pulled off which is always  cool!