Charlotte Crew and Inside Edition learned how to be Hurricane Proof

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We here at Go To Team are in the minority of people that actually like the word “hurricane”. We get to work long hours shooting exciting footage when we cover a storm. The only bad thing about covering hurricanes is getting soaking wet along with all the equipment. If there was only a rainless, indoor hurricane…oh wait…there is…and that is exactly what GTT’s Charlotte based HD video DP Nick Modisett covered for Inside Edition down in Richburg, SC.

The Institute for Home and Business Safety has a facility that puts two homes side by side then shoots hurricane force winds at them. One home is built to code but without hurricane proofing and the other is reinforced with around $3,000 more in hurricane proofing. As you probably can guess, the home with out the hurricane proofing is blown away and the one with the reinforcement has relatively any damage. Whether we like it or not, GTT will just weather out the actual storm.