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Ladies…Did you ever wish there was a camp growing up where they taught you how to find confidence and your voice through music and film? Or a support group you could turn to, to encourage your dreams?

Girls Rock Charlotte is a non-profit determined to help empower women through their year-round programs and workshops, especially in the male-run film and television industry. Did you know that only 17% of professionals in the film and television industry are women? We would love to see this number increase.

Girls Rock Charlotte reached out to Go To Team for a strong female mentor to help lead their 2018 Film Camp, and our Charlotte camerawoman, Tori Musciano, rose to the challenge.
Charlotte Camera Crew

Tori enjoyed helping teach the teen campers how to build a video crew, how to use a DSLR camera (Canon 5D Mark II) to record video footage and tips and tricks for the editing process.

Tori was inspired by how determined the campers were to have their vision come to life. The camp also gave her confidence to teach the filming process in simple and understandable steps where the campers could learn that their vision, voices, and stories matter.

The film camp was the biggest show Girls Rock Charlotte has seen yet. Six bands performed and three short films premiered. For more information on future camps, visit the Girls Rock Charlotte website:

Girls Rock Charlotte from Tori Mus on Vimeo.