The Footy Show” is an Australian Logie Award-winning sports variety TV show covering the professional rugby league in Australia. Co-hosted by former rugby star Beau Ryan, a popular segment “Beau Knows” covers a wide range of topics and interviews with celebs. Go To Team‘s Dallas crew, Nate Galluppi and Nate Silverman, had the pleasure of shooting a segment of “Beau Knows” as he worked with Alice Cooper.

The Deets:

We interviewed Alice Cooper at his hotel that day, prior to the game. The interview portion was absolutely hilarious. After the match, Cooper had a tremendous performance and met with Beau. Beau and Cooper played a trivia game where a wheel decided your punishment if an answer was incorrect. Cooper had to eat a spoonful of vegemite, and Beau ate deviled ham with a bottle of mystery “poison” in honor of Cooper’s hit song.

Interview Flow:

The rest of the segment took us on a tour of Dallas. We stopped outside of the Cowboy’s home at AT&T Stadium, where Beau dressed up as the star player for the North Queensland Cowboys for a “man on the street” segment. We did another “man on the street” style segment after with: Grassy Knoll, Deep Ellum, and Klyde Warren Park. For this, Cooper was dressed as a different kind of cowboy. This all made for one hilarious shoot!

The Setup:

With a tight room to work with, we lit the interview with Lite Panels as the key and a Kino 400 as fill. Shooting with a hotel window behind our talent, we used black wrap and curtains to flag the windows and a lamp as a practical behind Cooper to add another layer to get us out of that hotel room. This was shot on the Canon C300 with L-Series lenses and a Canon 5D as the wide two-shot.

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