Innovation Nation

Do you have a fear of needles? Well, Dr. Mark Prausnitz of Georgia Tech figured out a way for vaccines and medicine to be delivered through injection without a traditional hypodermic needle.

His breakthrough microneedle patch is a tiny patch with even smaller needles coated in the medicine or vaccination needed to be delivered. Simply stick the patch on, apply pressure and the needles dissolve within minutes. Feeling as if you rubbed velcro on your skin, the minor discomfort is nothing compared to the sting of a needle.

For CBS’ The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation, Go To Team’s Atlanta DP Nate Silverman was there to help capture it all. The crew walked us through the lab with correspondent Adam Yamaguchi as Dr. Prausnitz demonstrated his patch.

For the interview we were in a tight space so to stay compact we lit it with Generay bi-color LED light panels. The lab provided a lot of depth and made for an interesting background. Shot on a Sony F5, Silverman outfitted the camera with a Canon ENG 8.2-164mm lens. The ENG lens and servo provided a lot of range and more mobile because we had to be out of the lab quickly so switching lenses for close-ups and wides just wasn’t an option.

After the interview, we had a demonstration of the patch and got inserts of it. A tiny product made for a short day. It was a blast shooting for Innovation Nation and always exciting to see the inventions and future of design and engineering at work. Assignment Desk and Go To Team crews are looking forward to working with Innovation Nation again in the future!

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