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Arri Alexa Mini: Compact, Lightweight, and Versatile

Arri Alexa Mini: Compact, Lightweight, and Versatile | Shoot everywhere and anywhere, and get the best quality image?! Sign. Us. Up. Whether you are shooting an aerial shot, an underwater snippet, or an epic car chase, you should look into the new Arri Alexa Mini. This highly efficient camera is lightweight and compact, ensuring versatility…


Press Release – ADesk

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Audrey Coates 843.884.6222 – Crew directory algorithm finds the best crew members for your shoot every time The most efficient crewing app for the broadcast industry CHARLESTON, SC (August 9, 2019) –  If you haven’t been paying attention to, you haven’t been paying attention. has significantly improved…

Detention Watch Network | Assignment Desk

St. Louis Camera Crew | Detention Watch Network

Working quickly while still producing a great looking video is nothing new for the camera operators we work with. St. Louis cameraman, Sam Caravana, did just that while working with Truxton Creative and The Detention Watch Network.  Immigration is currently a large-scale debate in our country.  This issue will take a bit of time to…

Assignment Desk | HighNoon TV | Haven Hubbard Home

HighNoon TV-Haven Hubbard Home | Assignment Desk – Blog

Summer is heating up…especially in New Carlisle, Indiana.  HighNoon TV traveled out to this small town in Indiana, to the Haven Hubbard Home, to capture the effects of this high-heat index.   Temperatures have been reaching above 100 degrees! It was reported that an individual was having visions of ice cream trucks appearing from the cornfield across…


CNBC: Cannabis Business Banking

Security for Cannabis Companies We went behind the scenes of a segment of CNBC all about cannabis business banking. Instead of marijuana companies having to bury their money in the backyard, Sapphire Risk Advisory Group provides an outlet that the banks aren’t willing to. Weed culture is changing. Banks aren’t keeping up, so ancillary security…


CNBC: David Beckham’s MLS Miami Team

Major League Soccer (MLS) is growing in America and David Beckham is here for it. CNBC chatted with David Beckham right after he announced his ownership of the MLS Miami Team expansion. MLS Miami Team MLS is headed to the Magic City. We crewed a two-man-crew in Miami for the announcement of the Major League…


Discovery Canada: Earthquake Resistant Pipes

Some water pipes are so old that when an earthquake hits, they are destroyed and can no longer flow water for emergency needs. Experts at Cornell University want to solve this problem. Discovery Canada highlighted their research for CTV News Channel. Testing Water Pipes’ Strength Against Earthquakes The experts at Cornell University have one goal…