Dallas Camera Crew - Mission Unstoppable CBS

Dallas Camera Crew – Mission Unstoppable CBS

Dallas Camera Crew – Mission Unstoppable CBS | “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible!”  From zoologists to engineers to astronauts, Mission Impossible highlights the badass female STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) superstars in the fields of social media, entertainment, animals, design and the internet.  Assignment Desk’s preferred vendor and Dallas DP,…

Toy Story 4 | Cast and Crew Interview

Toy Story 4 | Cast and Crew Interview – E!

Toy Story is one of the most beloved franchises in America, and with Disney’s release of Toy Story 4, Assignment Desk crews had the opportunity to film an interview with the cast. The interview was outside, which had a few hurdles when setting up the interview, but this is what Assignment Desk crews are vetted…

Daily Mail | Peter Leininger

Daily Mail: MTV Real World – Nashville Crew

Daily Mail got together with MTV’s television show, The Real World: Atlanta and chose to work with Go To Team’s Nashville cameraman, Peter Leininger, to document a behind-the-scenes tour of the house that the Atlanta cast was living in, as well as group interviews with them. The Real World consists of a group of strangers…

Ruta de Impacto

Ruta de Impacto | 25th Anniversary in Los Angeles

Assignment Desk traveled to Los Angeles, California to capture the 25th Anniversary of Ruta de Impacto. The celebration and presenters did not disappoint! María Celeste Arrarás and Myrka Dellanos were the guests of honor at the occasion. They lead the audience as they highlighted the importance of female Hispanics within the television community. Keitu Mokhonwana…


No Makeup Campaign | Assignment Desk

  Twease, contour, wax, repeat. Sound like your daily beauty routine? Maybe even half your beauty routine? At Assignment Desk we want to instill confidence and encourage you to feel beautiful in your own skin. That’s why we’ve created our own No Makeup Campaign. We’ve rallied together some of our top-notch makeup artists and health…


Litton Entertainment: Lucky Dog Episode Bobo

Do You Think Your Dog is the Best Dog? Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and nobody’s wrong. “Lucky Dog” on CBS Dream Team, ‘It’s Epic’  is all about shelter dogs finding a happy home with the help of a special dog trainer, Brandon McMillan. McMillan is on a mission to take untrained shelter…


A&E’s Lifetime: Project Runway | Deyonte Weather

What’s in your closet? Ever wonder what designers wear day to day? It’s got to be fashionable, right? A&E took us inside the closet of Project Runway season 16 contestant, Deyonte Weather. Perseverance Pays Off Deyonte applied to be on Project Runway for the last six seasons, but only just made it. In the same…