We crewed a two-man crew in Las Vegas for a sporty and fun-filled shoot with a great new client, Allied eSports

Video games on-the-go were the highlight of this shoot. When they called for a two-man crew, they had us at eSports.

eSports Arena Las Vegas

Ever played video games in an 18 wheeler? We got the chance to thanks to Allied eSports! Big Betty is the name of the truck. It’s the first and only mobile eSports arena in the world and it made it’s way to Vegas for CES – The International Consumer Electronics Show. The truck weighs 31 tons, has 440 horsepower, has an open rooftop and player’s lounge inside with 14 gaming stations. It lets you play any game, anytime, anywhere. It drew in crowds to help showcase the opening of the eSports Arena Las Vegas. The arena is at the Luxor Hotel and Casino on the Strip and will be the global epicenter of eSports experiences, content and entertainment when it officially opens its doors in March.

Allied eSports

What is your favorite eSport to play? League of Legends? Overwatch? Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Whatever your game of choice is, Allied eSports is making it possible to play and watch in places you were never able to before! They are the world’s leading network of dedicated eSports venues and content production facilities spanning North America, China and Europe. Their motto? Eat. Sleep. Compete. They oversee the eSports Arena – America’s’ premier network of eSports venues, community hubs and production facilities. They also oversee ELC Gaming – Europe’s leading tournament organizer and content producer. eSports are a big deal around the world, and they are getting even bigger in the United States.

We love working with cool clients, and what is cooler than combining sports and entertainment? Thank you for the opportunity Allied eSports. We can’t wait to play, we mean work, with you again!