Best Video Production Podcasts

Best Video Production Podcasts | Are you ready to be informed and inspired? We at Assignment Desk found the 10 best podcasts that will do just that for those who are working in video production. These podcasts cover everything from post-production, to software, to creativity, to the latest and greatest trends. Whether you’re a beginner in the industry or a seasoned veteran, these podcasts will benefit all. You ready? Now, let’s get started!

  • The Wandering DP

This podcast is for both professional and aspiring DP’s. We promise everyone will take something new away from each episode! The hosts conduct interviews with today’s top professionals in cinematography and photography who provide helpful tips. They also provide the latest cinematography news, lighting tips, and talk about the schedule and life of a DP.

  • That Post Show

When being in video production, it is important to stay up to date on the latest software news and trends, and this podcast will help you do that. The hosts talk to representatives from Autodesk, Adobe, and Avid about new releases and news. That Post Show focuses a lot on post production and the science of video as well in a roundtable discussion with industry experts. 

  • Atlanta Film Chat

Hearing from industry professionals with experience is the most beneficial way to learn. The hosts of this podcast interview professionals about lessons they have learned and any advice they can bestow upon us. They also chat about topics from film making, to writing, to producing.  

  • The Edit Bay

Although this podcast is not making any new episodes, there are still almost 60 episodes filled with editing knowledge. Shane Ross, a long time broadcast editor for the Discovery and History Channels, gives valuable advice on the do’s and don’t of video editing. 

  • The Terrence and Philip Show

This duo, Terry Curren and Philip Hodgetts, bring their various opinions to the podcast world in this show. Curren owns a post-production company and Hodgetts loves to speak his mind. Other than post production, the guys talk about topics such as Avid, Adobe, and Apple. 

  • Location Sound Podcast

 In this show we are able to hear from a long time Sound Recordist, Michael Helm as well as other industry professionals. Again, this podcast is for newbies and oldies in the industry! They spill everything they know about on-location lighting in different types of projects from commercial to television.

  • Improve Photography Podcast

There are many different podcasts hosted under this one, but they all include the best photographers in the business keeping up with the latest trends. This podcast also focuses on all aspects of the field, including the business and technical sides of photography in a round table discussion. 

  • Digital Production Buzz

Who else would you want video production advice from than an internationally-renowned digital media consultant, Apple-Certified trainer, with over 35 years experience as a television producer, director, and editor. Larry Jordan informs us on absolutely everything from the creative side of video production, to video marketing, to equipment, to the latest trends. And better yet, he is also super entertaining. 

  • The Cutting Room

This podcast is from the Art of Guillotine Network. Each week the host has the opportunity to talk to a new professional editor from around the world about their own approach. We get special techniques and advice on post-production.

  • Go Creative Show

In the end, it is all about your own creativity. This podcast highlights a special guest each week in the creative industry of video, photography, music, and more to give their insight on what they think is most relevant today. 


We hope that you give the best video production podcasts a listen! Hopefully they’ll help you learn something new or gain a new perspective on video production!

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