Baker Crew “Weathers” the Storm with Jim Cantore and Chris Warren

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The Charlotte Based Baker Crew recently spent a few days in Nags Head, NC working for the Weather Channel with Jim Cantore and Chris Warren.

The unnamed storm, dubbed The November Nor’easter did it’s best to blow the crew off of their beachfront deck with gusting winds and impressive swells beating15534_1302212958275_1318989938_30868413_5726047_n staircases off of decks, and ultimately washing away a few decks in their entirety. Dave Baker and audio operator Ian Mccullen endured however, armed with a trusty Beta D600, a DVX100A, and their hurricane proven waterproof Bron Kobold HMI lights.

The rain and wind took a brief respite to showcase a beautiful sunset just in time for a few live hits before resuming its fury.

The Baker Crew is dried out, geared up and ready to go, anywhere, anytime, and in any weather.  Thanks to Ian Mccullen for taking the time to take so many pictures.