Atlanta Camera Crew - TricomB2B: Honeywell Integrated

Atlanta Video Camera Crew | It’s holiday season!!!! You know what that means? Presents. Lots and lots of presents!! However, there wouldn’t be presents without consumers online shopping and efficient shipping solutions. 

Tricom B2B Marketing took a trip to Alpharetta, GA with our preferred Atlanta DP, Nate Silverman, to interview employees at Honeywell Integrated. Honeywell is a company that designs, integrates, and installs complete material handling automation solutions. This feature piece revolved around their new warehouse solutions which help increase efficiency, especially with the holiday season in full swing!!

How were the interviews set up?

The crew set up for the interviews in the main conference room at Honeywell’s offices in Alpharetta. Conference rooms are always tricky to navigate. The lighting and framing can pose a problem, despite being a very large room. This particular conference room had a large table that the crew could not move. Our preferred vendors are equipped with the proper training to take a rather bland space and make it feel more interesting than it appears.

For this piece, the crew shot from corner-to-corner, meaning they set up in one corner of the room and shot against the opposite corner to add as much depth as possible. They also shot with a wide-open aperture for the aforementioned reason. They also included anything that was interesting in the room in the background of the shot. The crew had plenty of plants, artwork and furniture that helped break up the space. 

Atlanta Camera Crew - TricomB2B: Honeywell Integrated

What was the lighting set up?

Lighting can also be a challenge to set up with the large table in the middle of the space. However, many conference rooms have large windows that can be a good source of natural light. If it’s overcast, the window can provide a nice key light as is. That said, on brighter sunny days a silk or scrim may be needed to soften or knock down the light.

For the interviews, the crews used the light as a nice key light accented with a set of Generay bi-color light panels. Light panels are perfect for these conference room setups because they have a small footprint and are powerful enough to get the job done. From the time the crews could get into the room to the time they needed to start shooting the first interview was only 30 minutes, so the light panels are also easy enough to set up quick and using the window to help key saved even more time. 

Atlanta Camera Crew - TricomB2B: Honeywell Integrated

TricomB2B wanted two set-ups so after the second interview, the crews switched sides of the room and shot into the other side, using a plant for some added color in the background. 

While conference rooms can pose a challenge to camera crews, we find the best of the best to spruce up the room and help make it more interesting.

Thank you to Tricom B2B for letting us come out and shoot these interviews! We look forward to working with you again in the future. 

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