Atlanta Heads to Talladega for SPEED

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It’s always good to hit the track, but Talladega Superspeedway is a beast of it’s own.  I was there this time shooting some glamour shots of the drivers for teases on SPEED.  This race is special for me because it marks my first job with Go To Team – Yay me! So to start out this shoot, I wished myself a happy anniversary.

We got to the track early Friday morning to pick a location and set up.  We ended up in the driver’s lounge and got to work.  The producer was great, knowing what he wanted helped me to set up to his vision.  We ended up blacking the room out and backlighting the subjects to get a kind of silhouette look.  I got to shoot it on the Canon C300 and Compact Primes, so needless to say it looked pretty cool.  After 2 days of cycling through the drivers and sloshing through the muddy lots and roads, we called it a wrap and headed home. I had a blast on this shoot and I think the end product will look really neat!


-Jeff M


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