Atlanta Goes to Perry, Ga. for SPEED

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I got to go on down to Perry, GA to shoot a feature for our friends at SPEED. I shot part of a feature with Adam Regan, the brother of David Regan the NASCAR driver. Adam has Down Syndrome, so the story was about the challenges he and, brother David have faced growing up together and where they are now. I was pretty pumped to shoot this on the Sony F3.  I built it up and recorded externally with the Sound Devices Pix240 to give the SPEED channel their preferred codec. We followed Adam around the car dealership that he and his father work at, got some scenics of the town, and shot some photographs.  I thought it would rain all day, but luckily it held out until night or I would have been one soggy shooter. On a side note – we drove through an old downtown area where all the business was closed and there was no one there. It makes me sad that the big box stores have just decimated cool downtowns and made them ghost towns.  After shooting, I took the footage and loaded it onto a harddrive for the producer and hit the road!


-Jeff M

The ghost town.



shooting some pictures