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Arri Alexa Mini: Compact, Lightweight, and Versatile | Shoot everywhere and anywhere, and get the best quality image?! Sign. Us. Up.

Whether you are shooting an aerial shot, an underwater snippet, or an epic car chase, you should look into the new Arri Alexa Mini. This highly efficient camera is lightweight and compact, ensuring versatility in any situation.

The innovation stems solely from its size. The camera itself is equal in picture quality as the Arri family of cameras, but smaller and portable. Why is this important? Because camera operators can be shooting for hours at a time. And it is important to have gear that won’t strain their arms or cause injury. 

The camera is also known for its air-tight sealed equipment, as well as its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions (-4F-113F). It’s dust and non-condensing splash-proof is perfect for protecting against liquids and wind.  

Because of its convertibility, constantly readjusting and shifting between configurations, Arri developed a studio set for the Arri mini. This set includes the Arri compact plate, a base plate with a compact sliding bridge, and a shoulder pad.

Although this camera does not ring cheap, it is a promising, multipurpose investment, guaranteeing top tier shots. This device is a must-have for videographers ready to take the next step in the industry.  Ready to book a video camera crew and try the Arri Alexa Mini on an upcoming shoot?  Click here!

Arri ALEXA Mini | Assignment Desk | Video Camera Crews


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