What’s in your closet?

Ever wonder what designers wear day to day? It’s got to be fashionable, right? A&E took us inside the closet of Project Runway season 16 contestant, Deyonte Weather.

Perseverance Pays Off

Deyonte applied to be on Project Runway for the last six seasons, but only just made it. In the same year, his wife got pregnant! Currently, things are going really well for Deyonte and he’s a happy guy to say the least.

The interview started with Deyonte, 36, showing off his closet – packed floor to ceiling with clothes, shoes, and more. Some staples in his closet include: a blazer with rolled up sleeves to class up any ensemble, a white button down for that classic, clean look, a rockin’ leather jacket to add some edge to any outfit, and ripped jeans. One of the most expensive pieces in his closet is his Coogi sweater and hat set, which he regrets isn’t in style anymore. He hopes Coogi sweaters come back in soon though so he can sport his matching cream set.

Every Outfit Needs Accessories

Deyonte has more shoes than seem possible to fit in that closet. Sneakers are a personal passion of his and the floor of his closet is layered with them. He happily showed us some of his favorites. Sitting on the dresser next to his closet are rings, watches, and rows of glasses. There are sunglasses and regular glasses in every color and shape neatly displayed for easy picking. Deyonte says he hopes he can have his own eyewear line one day, and we think he’d be great at it! Thanks for letting us poke around your closet Deyonte, and good luck this season!

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Watch the full piece HERE!

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