Tips | Create Your Free Vendor Profile | Profile Tips and Tricks – Are you looking for some more freelance gigs to gain more experience on set? Ramp up your resume with a FREE Assignment Desk profile on the new Here are a few tips and tricks to give your profile the boost you need:

Profile Picture

First and foremost, bookers want to know who you are. They want to be able to identify you. Having a profile picture allows clients to know you’re a real person. Additionally, from a social and professional perspective, it lets your followers know you are active.

It is recommended to upload a professional headshot to show clients you are capable and reputable, or to even let them know you exist. You want to make sure you are giving off the right impression to potential clients.

Make sure the image is clear and not blurry, especially if you are a videographer. You know selling your image is important, and your profile picture is your first impression with clients. A clear image also displays your capabilities as a videographer/photographer.

Positions, Equipment, and Vehicle

You want to fill out the profile completely to optimize your chances of getting hired for an event. Positions, equipment, and vehicle sections of your profile allow clients to know if you are the right guy or gal for the job.

Inputting your position also lets potential clients know what services you have to offer. 

Maybe a client is looking for a vendor with a Sony F5 and two Astra lite panels. You could be that vendor, but if you do not update your profile, you may miss those opportunities to get scheduled on a shoot. 

Although posting which vehicle you will be seen in seems a little unnecessary, it is a great way to show clients how to identify you when you arrive and the type of gear you can carry. This way, there are no surprises when you arrive on location. 

Post Reels & Images

So, you’re a camera operator, huh? Let me see some of your work. Without having to constantly send your portfolios out via email to clients, you can upload your videos and images to the app. 

Posting a reel of your work shows you offer an eclectic background and are a versatile camera operator with a lot to offer. Whether it’s sports or interviews or commercials, the client is aware that you have the experience to shoot a multitude of shots. Publishing a reel is an attractive feature to a profile. 

Filling out and updating your Assignment Desk profile will propel your chances of getting booked for a gig. It lets clients know you are serious and active. We hope you employ these tricks to ramp up your profile. 

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