Assignment Desk Works is a top notch
Media Payroll & Staffing Company.

We make finding and paying people in media easy.


Let’s uncomplicate compensation. Hire who you want to, when you want to and Assignment Desk Works will take care of the rest. As employer of record, we’ll make sure your people get paid on time and are classified correctly and insured so you’ll stay protected and compliant.


We work with people we know, like and trust. Don’t you? People ask us, “Do you know someone?”, all the time. Whether you need full time or temporary help, we know the right people. Our team knows the industry and the right person for your team.

Our Clients

Every company and its people are important. It’s all about time. There’s never enough when you’re running a business. Let us give you your time back. You take care of business, we’ll make sure your people get paid on time, are classified correctly, and insured so you’ll stay protected and compliant.

From Esports to Corporations to Traditional Sports, News and Entertainment to Tech Start-Ups and Gold Rolling paper companies. Here’s just a few of our clients that we’ve saved valuable time.


Paying people takes time, let us give you yours back. Paperwork and organization are kind of our thing. Let A D Works be on your team by being your employer of record. We put people first. No exceptions. We’ll make you look good by paying vendors on time, making sure they’re classified correctly, insured and you stay compliant. All backed by our 24/7 expert team.


Whether you need to pay 1 employee or 500, our highly organized team will make sure they get paid on time. Plus we’ll take care of the pesky on boarding process.


You don’t need to be a expert of the ever changing laws. Let us do that. We’ll make sure all of your hires are classified and paid correctly keeping you compliant.


Media Insurance: Need a certificate of insurance & workers comp?  We’ve got you covered. We can provide a COI and Proof of Liability for all freelance vendors booked through A D Works. Nationally and Internationally.


Finding the right person for your team takes time. Even then, your hiring average is 50%. Let A D Works help. Whether you need full time employees to create your #dreamteam, a temporary hire for a show or project or a daily hire freelancer to help you crush your next shoot, we know the right people and have you covered. Our production staff starts by listening to you. What are your needs? They’re highly trained not just on booking your shoot but finding and hiring the right candidate for your project.


Need the next full time member of your #dreamteam?  We can help. We’ll spend time understanding your needs so we can find the right candidate for your project. Plus, we’ll take care of the hassle of on boarding your new team member. Everything from their insurance to making sure their birthday is on your HR calendar.


Need a still photog for your corporate event? A makeup artist in Cuba? A video crew in Chicago? Need a location scout in Aspen? We know the media space. We can hire anyone doing anything anywhere. We’ve got this. Let us help!