Assignment Desk Works

You know those people who work until all hours of the night & wake up at 6am to run. That’s us. We’re the company that can do “All The Things.” Need to pay your 10 employees that work in your Beijing Branch? We can do that. Want to make sure your employees are paid on time? We always do that. Need a location scout for months on end? We can find and pay them. Not sure if you’re hiring a 1099, union or a W2 employee, we got you.

Ask us things we can’t do?

We haven’t fully mastered the art of sharing a bottle of champagne with others…. but we are working on it.

Our Team

Shawn Moffatt
CEO & Media Guru

Courtney Crosby
Operations & Chief of Staff

Erin Gunther
Production Manager & Unicorn Finder

Associates & Staff

Ellen Leonard

Robin Morton
Production Manager

Katherine Cockman
Production Coordinator

Ali Berg
Production Coordinator