Are you a dog person? Then you’re going to love this. Assignment Desk crew went behind the scenes of the American Kennel Club National Championship with The Brighton Agency and Eukanuba to showcase the most talented and inspiring dogs in the country – live!

Eukanuba Sponsors the American Kennel Club National Championship

What do you get when you cross talent, agility and the best-looking dogs in the country? The American Kennel Club National Championship! This year it was sponsored by Eukanuba, the pet nutritionists and enthusiasts, and they “treated” us to a great show. The AKC Championship was a weekend filled with all dog breeds showcasing their talent and their relationship with their owner. From military dogs to service dogs, it wasn’t so much a dog eat dog world as it was a dog of all kinds world. A spaniel cocker in the sporting group named Striker ended up taking home the title of “Best in Show.”

Going Live at the AKC National Championship with The Brighton Agency

How do you showcase the hundreds of dogs competing in the most visually pleasing way? Call upon the Brighton Agency, a camera operator and then shoot LIVE! Our cam op crew told us all about his experience: “I’m a big fan of shooting live content, especially since we’re able to do everything that we normally do with videos we edit after each shoot – live! The client is able to get something out there to the world when they really want to release it, without all the slowdown of post work. This type of client and event flips the entire video industry on its head from the way we normally shoot. I mean, I was using my iPhone! It’s a new way of doing things while retaining the quality that everyone expects. I also have a dog, which made the event that much more exciting.”

Highlighting the Best in Show at the AKC National Championship

What were some of the highlights from the event? Glad you asked. We interviewed a marine and her military working dog for a touching and inspiring story. We interviewed an employee from Canine Companions for Independence, a non-profit organization that works to pair service dogs with people with disabilities for free. We interviewed the operations manager of North American Diving Dogs or NADD, a league dedicated to dock diving, one of the fastest growing sports for dogs. And we also captured lots of tricks, training, diving and agility throughout the entire event.

We love working on shoots that keep us on our paws – I mean toes. Thank you to the Brighton Agency for letting us tag along on such an exciting shoot. We’re already looking forward to next year’s event!

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