Come take a walk with us as The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca highlights the non-profit, The Shoe That Grows – because as kids grow, they outgrow.

The Shoe That Grows

There are an estimated 300 million children around the world without shoes. The Shoe That Grows is working towards making that number a lot smaller. You can help by donating your time or money to help this great and innovative organization. We were happy to get the call to help tell this story and get more people involved. Thanks Innovation Nation!

Innovation Nation booked a camera op and audio op to highlight the non-profit that is “saving the toes with a shoe that grows.” Founder Kenton Lee was on a mission trip in Kenya in 2007 when he noticed that many of the kids there were wearing shoes that didn’t fit, or no shoes at all. Without shoes, children are vulnerable to soil-transmitted diseases that can cause illness and death. And since children’s feet grow so quickly, they often outgrow their donated shoes within a year. When Lee returned home to Nampa, ID he sought to remedy this problem. He started with an idea and finally found a solution – a shoe that can expand and change as kids feet grow. These shoes expand five sizes and last up to five years!

The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca

Innovation Nation is a weekly Saturday morning show that is all about showcasing real-world innovators who are helping to make the world a better place or who helped to make the world a better place during their time. How is the show innovative itself? It educates all the while being entertaining. It’s hosted by Mo Rocca, a journalist and actor who has also been on the Cooking Channel and National Geographic. It’s produced by The Henry Ford, an indoor and outdoor history museum complex in Dearborn, MI, and Litton Entertainment, an award-winning production company based in Charleston, SC. What did they need our help showcasing on this particular episode? The Shoe That Grows.

Watch the full episode here! Other things featured in the ep? The art of folding pop-up greeting cards, tents that are taking to the trees and how electricity first moved from the lab to the home.

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