Some water pipes are so old that when an earthquake hits, they are destroyed and can no longer flow water for emergency needs. Experts at Cornell University want to solve this problem. Discovery Canada highlighted their research for CTV News Channel.

Testing Water Pipes’ Strength Against Earthquakes

The experts at Cornell University have one goal – provide the water industry with pipes that are more resilient to natural disasters. They are hoping to achieve this goal by testing different pipe products to provide the best solutions. On this shoot they recreated the conditions of an earthquake to see how different pipes held up against major weight and pressure. One in particular exceeded their expectations and they were very pleased.

Discovery Canada and CTV News Channel

Discovery Canada, sister to America’s Discovery Channel, is devoted to all things nature, adventure, science and technology. We love helping them highlight these stories. CTV News Channel is owned by the same company that Discovery Canada is – Bell Media – so they frequently work together. CTV is a 24-hour news channel broadcasting national and international headlines.

It was so great to see that researchers are putting their heads together to solve this problem. Thank you for showing that story Discovery Canada.

Watch the full video here.

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