Stocks go up and down, but one group of ladies in Illinois have been meeting monthly for over 30 years to invest and discuss their portfolio. CNBC sat down with them and Assignment Desk was there to help tell the story. 

 Photo credit: CNBC Photo credit: CNBC

The Beardstown Ladies of Beardstown, Illinois, are one of the best-known investment clubs in the states. So who better to cover the story than CNBC?! The Beardstown Ladies have been picking stocks for over 30 years. They saw the stock market soar in the 80s and fall in ‘08, and they are continuing to invest in their and their family’s futures. They are especially interested in stocks that will be impacted by President Trump’s reign, like ones related to the military.

CNBC hired us to crew a gaffer, audio tech and photographer for the interview. We were happy and thankful to work with them!

Interested in watching the full interview on CNBC? Click here!

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