Recently we sent a crew to Madison, WI to film an interview with long-time pro Steve Stricker for Golf Live on Golf.com.

We spoke with Steve about his career and what he thinks the future holds for the sport. He also discussed how long he plans to continue touring on the PGA Tour. It was fun to hear about his success in the Majors and Ryder Cup competitions!

For this particular interview, we used three cameras. We filmed in 4K on two Sony F55 with 30-105mm Canon Cine Zoom lenses, which looked awesome with the backgrounds that the space provided. We were able to take full advantage of our location. We had a Canon C300 setup as the wide angle shot. We also hung Kino Divas from the ceiling panels to key light the subjects and backlit them as well.

The biggest challenge we had on site was trying to light the large space. We ended up using every light in our truck to light the subjects and the backgrounds on all 3 shots! The results came out great and we had just enough light to make the shot work.

Steve is preparing to host the Champions Tour in Wisconsin this June. You can find out more details here.

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