Last week we sent a crew to The Bellagio in Las Vegas to help provide audio for an interview for The Sports Network of Canada. We were excited to get the call to help out with this shoot and have a chance to work with legend hockey player, Wayne Gretzky. The Bellagio in Las Vegas is host to Gretzky’s fantasy hockey camp, and was the perfect location for our set-up.

Gretzky sat down with reporter, James Moore to discuss Wayne’s relationship with professional golfer, Dustin Johnson. The interview discussed their bond as fellow athletes along with Dustin’s recent success on tour. To capture crisp audio for TV, we used a Sound Devices 664 audio mixer with Sennheiser lavalier mics on site.

As with any interview with a sports or entertainment legend, we had only a small window of time to shoot, but The Sports Network crew was great to work alongside and made the day a success.

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