The Assignment Desk team recently had the opportunity to be a part of another Game Changers episode, featuring Vince Carter of the Memphis Grizzlies. A Florida native, Vince is an icon in the city of Daytona. His name is as synonymous with Daytona as NASCAR, but Grizzly fans haven’t had a problem adopting him as their own since he joined the team in 2014.

In this episode, we caught up with Carter at this year’s Vince Carter Youth Basketball Academy in Daytona, where he discussed his foundation, Embassy of Hope. The Foundations’ slogan, “believing in your dreams,” represents Carter’s lifelong commitment to perseverance and achievement—qualities that have enabled him to excel as an athlete and a goodwill ambassador.

This shoot was somewhat of a challenge because of how quickly we had to film interviews with basketball campers before they left the facility. We shot interviews with available exterior daylight and the use of a Flex fill bounce to minimize those high noon shadows!  To give us a shallow depth of field, we used a Canon C300 with a 24-70 mm lens for b-roll and a 70-200 mm lens for Carter’s interview. This resulted in the ideal blurred background look that the producers wanted.

Overall, the shoot was a huge success and our crew had a great time interacting with this incredible athlete!

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