One cool thing about Assignment Desk is we have connects with crews all over the globe. Our rolodex is deep with both domestic and international talent. Because of this, we were able to recently employ a crew to Vancouver for a Save Our Shelter shoot.

Save Our Shelter, which premiered October 3rd, follows humanitarian entrepreneur and pet expert, Rocky Kanaka and renovation specialist, Rob North as they hit the road to revitalize, modernize and energize animal shelters and rescue facilities across America.

The show utilized us to hire out a camera operator, audio operator, art production assistant and production assistants for this multi-day production. Since the crew had previous experience in reality television production, they proved to be the perfect crew for the client’s needs.

In each episode, the show’s hosts engage the local community as they transform rundown rescues to create healthy and happy environments in hopes to increase adoptions and save more pet lives. The show educates audiences about pet-related topics and culminates in the big reveal.

You can read more about the show here. And watch future episodes on Saturday mornings on The CW.

Here is a sneak peek at the latest shelter revamp:

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